Our Services

At Valley Endodontics we utilize the most advanced equipment and technologies available for diagnosis of oral-facial pain & infection, and providing the most advanced treatment options for the diseased, injured or missing tooth to improve and maintain the health of our patients.
  • Root Canal Therapy

      Root canal treatment can often be performed in one or two visits. The number of visits and time required to for treatment depends on your particular case. The root canal procedure involves the following steps: Administration of a local…

  • Retreatment Therapy

    Why do I need another endodontic (root canal) procedure? As occasionally happens with any dental or medical procedure, a tooth may not heal as expected after initial endodontic treatment for a variety of reasons: Complicated canal anatomy that was undetected…

  • Microscopic Enhanced Dentistry

      Dr. Radattai and Dr. Duval believe that the Operating Microscope is crucial to providing the highest quality of endodontic therapy and they use the microscope for all procedures. The operating microscope, which was first introduced to dentistry in 1981,…

  • Sedation

      The Deschutes Endodontics we understand that it is common and perfectly normal to have some degree of apprehension or anxiety prior to receiving dental treatment. Some people however, have stronger feelings in this regard than others. These feelings may…